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"There are many ways to reach the clouds. In my 5+ years working with the AWS cloud technology (of which 4 years employed by AWS as a Senior Solution Architect) I have witnessed successes, failures, excitements and disappointments. Many companies are making common mistakes when adopting AWS cloud which ultimately leads to suboptimal cloud usage, increased monthly costs and overall frustration. Don't start your cloud journey alone, let us guide you along the best pathway to the clouds."

Nemanja Kostic
AWS Consultant


AWS Kit for
"Starters In The Cloud"

Startup AWS Kit is for those teams that are in a greenfield project situation. Whether your team is part of a startup or an enterprise company, greenfield projects give you a unique opportunity to start fresh and explore new technologies and ways to meet your business needs. Starters AWS Kit offers cloud-native way to kickstart your development in AWS cloud.

AWS Kit for
"Established In The Cloud"

Being established in the cloud assumes that you have production workloads in AWS, with an internal team of AWS experts who are monitoring and maintaining those workloads. However, it is often helpful to have a "second pair of eyes" analyzing you environment, operating model and deployment procedures to see if there are further optimization opportunities available to you. These optimizations can reduce overall AWS cost, increase productivity and in general push your company further on the cloud journey path.

Training & Education

Building knowledge is key when moving to AWS. We offer on-site training for your teams. All our trainings follow a curriculum tailored to your needs and include hands-on development.

Available trainings (2 days per training)
  • Getting started with AWS
  • Cloud Security
  • Networking
  • Serverless Web/Mobile Applications
  • Application Development and DevOps
  • Automation with Infrastructure as Code
  • Containers on AWS

Speaking Engagement

Would you like Nemanja to speak at your event about AWS? Contact us for information. Nemanja is an international speaker that is regularly participating at variety of conferences, including user groups, seminars and meetups. He can do a keynote or breakout sessions or any other format we agree upon.

Freestyle Engagement

Ask for help when you need it. Freestyle engagement for up to 10 days. Reserve a number of days upfront and use them as you see fit. It can be an ad-hoc consultation, architecture reviews, on-site or remote pairing to accelerate implementation and troubleshooting or anything else that doesn't fit in the above mentioned packages.



Cloud Couch

We launched Cloud Couch - a Youtube channel for building businesses around cloud and technology

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Read about our experiences working with AWS. We publish how-to work with some AWS services, interesting findings, observations, and everything else related to AWS.

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AWS Playground

AWS Playground is a modern showcase application we developed to show you how to use over 20 different services in AWS.

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During the last 20 years of my professional IT career I have seen technologies coming and going as well as hypes being created over night just to disappear the following day. I am confident that cloud is here to stay. It is the biggest revolution in the IT industry that ever happened and it is already changing the way we think about IT. Having previously worked at AWS for 4 years as a Senior Solutions Architect I have seen companies of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises, adopting AWS at an incredible pace.

The valuable experience I gathered while working in AWS is something that I want to pass onto my customers. Having toolbox such as AWS under my belt makes me confident that I have all that it takes to continue providing value to my customers in the most beneficial way. It gives me a great joy to observe my customers transforming their business with AWS that brings them agility and competitive advantage in ever-changing business environment.

I am based in Zurich, Switzerland, and work remotely for customers throughout the world. Are you interested in getting help with your current or future AWS environment? Contact me and we can set up a call to figure out how I might be able to assist.

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